It was when my Juliette came back with her little jar of honey that I became acquainted with the hives of the Principality. They are located in the district of Fontvieille above the Musée des Timbres et de la Monnaie since 2011.


At first there were 6,  today there are 10. The production is variable and it reached a maximum of 140 kg. For the last 3 years, because of the Asian Hornet, production caps at 60 kg. This production is intended for schoolchildren of Monaco. Through it, Monaco wishes to inform children about the importance of bees in the ecosystem, to raise awareness about pollination and its consequences on the production of fruits and vegetables.

You should know that the Principality no longer uses insecticides and has established a biodiversity at the flower level. Bees can live in the natural spaces of cities sometimes better than in agricultural areas where pesticides are used.

Honey is harvested twice a year in June and September. June honey tends to be fragrant with citrus flowers and that of September with palm flowers. You understand that these hives are not intended for marketing but rather have an educational and informative vocation.

Moreover, for the curious and gourmands, once a year at apiDAYS during harvest time, children and the public can participate in the harvest. This year, it will be on Friday, June 15 at Leo Ferré Hall all day!
A word to the wise …


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