The 10 best Irene Luke’s addresses

C’est autour d’un petit café dans son bureau au 20 boulevard Princesse Charlotte que j’ai fait la connaissance d’Irene LUKE. Voilà bientôt 30 ans que cette élégante écossaise, née à Glasgow, qui a grandit sur la cote Est, a posé ses valises en Principauté. C’était juste après avoir obtenu sa maitrise en droit à l’Université … Continue Reading

The 10 best Ines Bensalah’s addresses

I met Ines during a preview at the very beginning of Camilla’s internship with the Blog. Ines is in fact a very good friend of Camilla, they have followed the same university course. Barely 21 years old, this creator grew up in Bastia and passed her literary Baccalaureate option art & philosophy successfully. Curious, passionate … Continue Reading

The 10 best Ambre Quelin ‘s addresses

I am sure that you already heard her on Radio Monaco in the morning and maybe you still did not have a face to match with this voice who is able to boost you to start the day. We are talking about Ambre Quelin.  This radio journalist of 25 years of age grew up in the Alpes-de-haute-Provence. One finalized her baccalaureate; it … Continue Reading

The 10 best Louisette Levy-Soussan Azzoaglio’s adresses

It has been Chris Dhondt, CREM director since more than one year, who introduced me to Louisette. I had already seen her during many event in the Principality, but we have never had the occasion to talk. I can tell you that our conversation was a real treat. Louisette has a real great energy. Coming … Continue Reading