My friends, we are pretty well advanced with summer. Half of it is already done! And what memories ! The Principality is so rich in events that we do not know where to head. And it continues ! There’s something for every taste and every purse !

I still remember my first concert of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Prince’s Palace last week, the party in honor of the Yersin from Monaco Explorations, which started from the Yacht Club for three years of research, the Thursday evening night of the exhibition “la Cité Interdite”, the International fireworks competition which started with the French Team, the Musicals of Square Gastaud, Mondays at the Theatre Fort Antoine, Zucchero’s concert at Sporting in Summer Festival… not to mention the cocktails of META, the first gallery Concept of Monaco, on Thursdays… And so many others… but we can not do everything 🙂



And to start the second half of summer, I stay connected to Monaco program to plan the next evenings. And I guarantee you will be well served !I have not had the opportunity to wish you a nice holiday so I take this post to shout “Enjoy all the little things and pile up tons of memories” !

See you soon !



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