I started using apps on my iphone not too long ago. I’m still faithful to the paper but I admit that some applications are very practical or economic! It was when I discovered the Carlo app that I realized it.

Carlo is the first mobile application that rewards you for your purchases made in a local business that joins Carlo in Monaco. With Carlo, we become an active contributor to the Principality’s economy. With each payment in an adherent shop, by scanning the QR code of the merchant, one generates 5% of the expense on a virtual account, the cashback. This cashback can be accumulated and spent in any other participating business in the Principality. In addition, when we sponsor a user, we receive 2% in cashback of the amount of his purchases. Awesome ! It’s super easy: Download the Carlo app for free and register in less than a minute. Your personal data are protected according to current Monegasque standards.
For your information, Carlo won the Prince’s Government Prize at the Monaco Business Creation Competition.

I am delighted to sponsor you in this shopping adventure!

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