It was one morning when I was having coffee at the Residents’ Club when I saw this new place. It must be said that it had been a while since I had passed through rue du Portier. This street has changed! When I glued my nose to the windows, I recognized the decorative style of Humbert & Poyet and I strongly thought that it was a new restaurant signed Riccardo Giraudi. BINGO! COZZA opened its doors just a few days ago right in front of Mozza. It’s a pescheria, in Portuguese according to the Google translator it means peach and cozza means to cook. It is indeed the place to taste the best fish, crustaceans and shellfish that the sea has to offer.

Decorative side: it’s a little gem! The combination of shades of cool blue with white marble, graphic tiles, brass and lush plants creates a place halfway between modernity and timelessness. Open kitchen and schools of fish.

On the plate side: I advise you to share the “Cicchetti” like the homemade tarama, grilled octopus, lime wolf ceviche, cod brandade crostini or oysters on a bed of ice. For pasta lovers, you will taste cuttlefish paccheri, sautéed artichokes and rudders and for wood-fired fish lovers, you will choose a whole fish from the catch of the day … In short, with all these ingredients, you will come out of this feasted place!

11, rue du Portier. Ouvert tous les jours pour le déjeuner (Formule à partir de 29 euros) et pour le diner. réservations : +377.

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