The rendez-vous without going out

A l’heure où je vous écris, c’est déjà le printemps en Principauté: les oiseaux chantent, les fleurs d’orangers pointent leur nez dans les rues…On aurait envie d’être dehors mais confinement oblige, nous devons rester à la maison. Pour le bien de tous. Pour tous ceux en manque de « social Life » ou se sentant … Continue Reading

The restaurant dedicated to fishing

It was one morning when I was having coffee at the Residents’ Club when I saw this new place. It must be said that it had been a while since I had passed through rue du Portier. This street has changed! When I glued my nose to the windows, I recognized the decorative style of … Continue Reading

The 10 n’est Lisa Schmitt’s addresses

With Lisa, it was at Juliette’s school that we met. Our two daughters were in the same class. Lisa, whose mother grew up in Monaco and whose father grew up in Jaipur, spent his childhood in Paris. Every summer, she came to rejuvenate herself on earth where her great grandparents, grandparents lived with the thirst … Continue Reading

The address for photos lovers !

I already told you that I was a big fan of photos and photographers. I took classes last year at the Pavillon Bosio and it allowed me to develop my “eye” and learn more about the history of photography! I like to discover new talents, I like to discover particular styles. On the blog, I … Continue Reading