Only a few more days before the eyes of the whole world are on the Principality and its Formula 1. Everything is ready. The only thing missing is the Vroomvroom… even though some are already venturing on the circuit for their engines to vibrate.

The weekend of the Grand Prix, it is ​​also organized parties! On yachts, in clubs … a very glittering Monaco! I am very excited to have received an invitation from one of the most prestigious “Place-to-be” for the occasion: Amber Lounge!

Monaco, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Amber Lounge is present at the most F1 prestigious events. Amber Lounge celebrates the crystal! And yes it’s in Monaco that everything began 15 years ago, far from the prying eyes, in all confidentiality and exclusivity for the F1 Big Family. Since then, these parties are exceptional evenings among celebrities, in a contemporary setting by the seaside. A magical atmosphere. A hellish music!

I just love it !

To know everything about Amber Lounge Monaco and its 3 nights, it’s HERE


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