Leave to come back better … A little break to take a step back … It’s good … It’s been severals days since I left my Monegasque daily for the Spanish movida ! Olé ! An art of living in its own right. The ‘Queen’ of restaurants, bars and terraces !

We also in Monaco, the terraces is not what is missing ! It is even difficult to make a choice. I made a small survey of my girlsfriends and all answered different addresses. Some are exclusively to be experimented in the summer. And we are in summer !!!!!

A terrace, a glass of our favorite ‘rosé’, Champagne or a House ‘s cocktail, the Principality, best friends … Life is beautiful, right ?!!! We love that !

Here is the TOP 5 of my favorite terraces to have an aperitif : 
Terrasse bar américain, Photo BY SBM

La terrasse du BAR AMERICAIN de l’Hôtel de Paris
:  It just went out ! A very nice renovation ! refined, elegant, in an atmosphere  as usual “so chic”.
Terrasse de la Vigie, photo BY SBM
La terrasse de LA VIGIE :  Le top est de  A little hidden, sheltered by the pinewood with the sea for only horizon, exclusively the summer, one feels like a little’privileged’. The must is to savor a glass of Don Pérignon … the star of the place !
Terasse du TWIGA, Photo BY TWIGA
La terrasse du TWIGA : lThe feet almost in the water, atmosphere ‘lounge’ with DJ, one would believe in St Tropez or on one of the very beautiful yachts of the Principality.
Terrasse du Buddha bar, Photo BY BUDDHA BAR
La terrasse du BUDDHA BAR :  Shaded, you can feel the freshness of the trees and enjoy the beauty of the place, in the heart of the Casino ‘s Gardens.
La Terrasse de la LA NOTE BLEUE :   It is relaxed, hyper ‘white’ decoration, facing the sea, a beach under a very jazzy air with its live concerts.
Give it a try !

Hasta pronto !!!


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