We have all heard about the benefits of techniques that allow you to clear your head and scare away negative thoughts that disrupt our daily lives. I first, always wanted to do that myself and that’s part of the resolutions that I have never been able to do… Yet I have a husband who meditates every day and I know -oh how much- it permits to take a step back and get a little more self  knowledge in order to better face the challenges that life brings us. It was by chance crossing my friend Ane (but nothing happened by chance) last week that she told me about Body Flow by Rhonda Hudson.

During her open day, I went to the Palais de la Scala where she installed her new body & spirit well-being studio and where the refined decoration breathes the positive waves with a breathtaking view of the Hotel Hermitage. Rhonda, who was dressed like an angel with a beautiful white long dress, told me about her new anchor in the Principality. When you talk with Rhonda, you feel peaceful, it’s incredible ! She proposes, through collective or individual sessions, several techniques to help people discover and release their true potential:

Yoga: everyone can sign up for a Kundalini yoga class. From beginners to advanced, this type of yoga will have a powerful impact on each individual. Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of consciousness. The knowledge that underpins this yoga utilizes the full range of yoga practices that are breathing, postures and sounds to align the body and mind.

Meditation: meditation and guided relaxation are powerful tools that help manage stress and anxiety. They help to improve mental functions and find inner peace, but also give access to a deeper awareness of what can be dysfunctional. Thus, you improve your ability to face daily challenges by staying in the present moment.

Bodywork & coaching: these sessions are created to focus on the general wellbeing of the body. They are combined with a set of techniques that meet the desires and needs of individuals to balance their daily lives.

With many years of experience, Rhonda bases her practice on mindfulness which includes work on breathing and intuitive bodywork. She has an incredible ability to allow us to explore our deepest personality. On this day, there were a few of her students who shared their experiences, and for all of them, I felt that the sessions with Rhonda were part of their routine that they would not change for anything in the world.

To meditate…

BODYFLOW- Palais La Scala-1, rue Henri Dunant -4ème étage N° 1173-+640 625 535-www.bodyflow.mc

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