Finally, I leave for holidays! I prepare my luggage prepare the luggage of all the family and I do not forget to slide in it the “crush” books advised by Nathalie and Ghisaline, our dear librarians of the Library   Louis   Notari.   I   spent   some   time   with   them   and   here   is   what   they   offer   as   some   special summer reading. I am telling you, the library is open to everybody for a little break, read journals, work in full relax or even do some researches…without forgetting the team support! We love it!

SABRE d’ Eric Férès

Férès, Eric. Auteur –Edité par Dargaud. Paris – 2019

Description : during the Pleistocene, the earth goes through a period of glaciation. In a place still saved from the cold, a bizarre lightning fall on the top of a mountain. In the same time three sabre- toothed tigers were born. One of them, Sabre, is different from his brothers

Why this book ?  Even without a proper text, our attention is caught from the drawing of this unverse   of   comics   for   adults.   It   is   an   experience   that   invite   us   to   create   our   own   version   and interpretation of the story and of the characters feelings. A trip in a world far from our days, but with whom we can build a connection with the behaviours and reasoning of everyone.


Edité par J. Losfeld. Paris – 2016

Description : Peter Kilburn is a teenager to whom the mother passed away and his dad, cinema star, became alcoholic after the 1929 crisis and the end the mute cinema. When he gets to the Gilford Academy,   his   only   preoccupation   is   to   find   a   friend.   But   the   director,   Franklyn   Hoyt,   a   puritan protestant, does not accept the boy, having divorced and Catholics parents.

Why this book? A   book   that   gets   to   the   reader   feelings,   intense   but   easy   to   read   and   full   of emotions, he tells a story in the meantime funny and sensitive, a trip of the understanding on how to face some difficulties that seem to be imposed by the life and how face them with someone it is always   bette!   With   a   slightly   touch   of   thriller,   this   book   is   a  mix   of   feeling   to experience when relaxing!  


BROOKLYN de Colm Toibin

Edité par Robert Laffont. Paris – impr. 2010

Description: Enniscorthy, south-east Ireland, 1950’s. As many young women of her generation, Ellis Lacey,   with   an   accounting   certificate   in   her   pockets,   ca   not   find   where   to   work.   Thanks   to   the mediation of a priest, her sister Rose get for her a job in the United states. By pushing her sister to leave, rose sacrifices her own future. At the beginning, feeling of sadness and emptiness, leave Ellis with a feeling of loneliness. Then, day by day, she finally gets to appreciate her new life.

Why this book? A pink novel, a story that would represent all the women that take the decision of making some change, experience and how they got their life together, to leave and discover what theworld has to offer. A   praise to the discover of   freedom but also to the fear   of the unknown. An adventure   of   encounters   where   every   character   has   its   own   importance.   The   finds   itself,   in   the weight   that   society   puts   on   each   of   the   characters   destiny,   calling   them   to   follow   the   rules   and traditions of their native country. To read for the bravest.

L’ATTENTE DU SOIR de Tatiana Arfel

Edité par J. Corti. Paris – impr. 2008

Description: Three society emarginated experience themselves: Giacomo, old clown who run from his demons, the unnamed grey woman, who lives in her empty apartment and who has a strict way of expression, the rebel child who is raised by himself, in a fade environment. They navigate in their suffering and sadness, but they will find in discovering themselves the strength to carry on.

Why this book? What the world would be if there were no differences in the personalities. Each of us express and present themselves as we are trying to fit and adapt to a society where it is not always that easy. This book is a crush, as it teaches us to know the other in all his shapes and behaviours. A nice novel, at the sime time cruel and soft, who bring us in the life of its three battered characters. It is a book full of philosophy who make us want to enjoy small things that life offers, but also inspire us to think, especially about family and getting older. The author exploits our primary fears in order to offer a vibrant and unexpected novel for those who can be patient.


Edité par POL. Paris – 2017

Description:   a   summer   in   roque   Brune,  two   young   ladies,   Louison   and   Tessa,   enter   illegally   in   a mansion called E.1027, created by the Irish architect and designer Eileen Grray. Gréco, an elder lady, interior   designer,   overlook this   house with passion. One   day she discovers the two   young ladies, dancing on some neo-hippie genre. Gréco is as cool and conservative, opposite of the two girls who are sensual, naked and volcanic. This novel is the story of their encounter. It gets together places and times  as   well   as   utopia   and   shapes   that   seem   far   from   each   other   in   a   dreamy   atmosphere. In reading the book something seems to delete time and distances.

Why this book? Another pink adventure leading to the reading of a true story who took place just next   to   the   Principality.   In   a   sublime   environment   of   this   bizarre   villa   contoured   by   history,   the characters involve us with the mind and with the heart. The breath-taking descriptions, a villa that still exists and who hosted numerous individuals. A surprising novel who inspire curiosity also for those thinking of knowing the Principality.


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