Monaco, we left you this summer! We needed to rest our ears and breath without sweating. Happy to leave but also happy to come back, to find the habits where everything is close and handy. Every September it is a new beginning: new organization, new timetable and new resolutions. It is also needed to finalize he “back to school”: papers, school supplies, books…To achieve this task, there are addresses that simplify our life. As we also want to discover the new restaurants, new stores etc… September is different, September is a change in the rhythm !! Are you ready?

The 2 new restaurants to experiment

They have appeared this summer and you maybe missed them:

Maya Mia :

The Maya Mia settled the traditional trattoria at 1 Place de la Cremaillere. A new adress for lunch, apero or dinner, carrying colors and fragrances of Italy. A perfect creates between the very coloreful decoration and the fresh products, everything in a cool and familiar environment. The tradition is respected.

Gaia :

Finally, some Greek specialties in the Principality, it’s in the Charles III gallery that chef Izu ani and chef Oresti have conceived a menu of hellenic flavours.

The new girly fashion store  !

It is in the heart of the Condamine that the very Parisian brand – BA&SH – opened its shop beginning of August. With its chic and casual style, the boutique assures its clients a trendy “back to the everyday routine” and they will feel conformable with themselves.

Rue de la

2 addresses for over charged  parents

Discover the list of books and supplies just one week before the “back to school”? No worries, here are two addresses that will make the task easier! Both take care of everything. You just need to go and get it!

La Grande papeterie de Monte-Carlo

9, rue baron Sainte Suzanne. All the schoolbooks have editorial price, 20% discount on all the school supplies list and possibility to case the books with the machine on-site (1.50 euros per book). .Tél. (+377) 93 50 54 43


25, rue de Millo. Give the same services. +377.

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