I already told you that I was a big fan of photos and photographers. I took classes last year at the Pavillon Bosio and it allowed me to develop my “eye” and learn more about the history of photography! I like to discover new talents, I like to discover particular styles. On the blog, I try to select the prettiest photos. I became very demanding !!!! I had to tell you about this address with which photographic art is accessible to all.

It is in the golden square in the heart of the Palais de la Scala that YELLOKORNER MONACO opened its doors last May. This gallery exhibits and markets the works of more than 200 artists in limited edition and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. You will find works by contemporary artists as well as those of the best known in different formats and media. Matthias, the gallery director will help you in the choice of different collections and will be able to simulate the photo in your interior. From the street, you can only see the first exhibition hall, but when you enter you realize the number of works on offer and which is regularly renewed. What I like most of all is their large formats. For a decor, there is nothing better! From January 16 to 31, street art artist Dario Vella exhibits his work. An opportunity to wink at the 44th Cirque de Monte-Carlo festival. An opportunity to have fun!

YELLOWKORNER- 1, avenue Henry Dunant- +377.

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