I’ve always loved pancakes. When I was very young, I really enjoyed preparing the pancake batter. The hard part was waiting for it to sit to get the right texture. No need for big occasions for my part, in general it was enough that the weather was rainy so that the desire for these little sweets arose. I prefer them to sugar but the jams from the corner decorate them wonderfully!

This season, Christophe Cussac, Executive Chef of the Metropole Monte-Carlo Hotel and his Pastry Chef Patrick Mesiano are putting the pancake in the spotlight. The absolutely divine dough in the secret recipe will be sublimated by the pastry chef’s precious knack in a perfect choreography performed under the eyes of customers. Can’t resist a tasty pancake with sugar, a real “Proust madeleine” or a pancake enhanced by a delicious homemade spread? Unless you melt for a pancake with homemade fruit jam or for the famous “Suzette”, or the brand-new Monegasque pancake in homage to the Principality. I couldn’t resist the temptation: I fell for the Suzette! I had already tasted it on the occasion of the Christmas party of the Metropolis and I repeated a cold and gray afternoon in this warm decor signed Jacques Garcia. It’s so cozy and the perfect place for a tasting with friends.

To consume without moderation.

Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo-Lobby Bar-4 avenue de la Madone  98000 Monaco –377.

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