Date with Lemons from Menton

I love lemons by the way it’s with their juice that I start my day in a little hot water, it’s the perfect potion to wake up body. We are lucky to be able to pick them locally! Consume locally, consume responsibly! Before it was my grandmother my official supplier, she had her garden full … Continue Reading

What a patio !

This summer when I was showing friends of Houston the new version of the iconic Hôtel de Paris, we had the pleasant surprise of discovering Le Patio. I had already seen it but in a non-animated version. But there were tables and armchairs to welcome us and we were able to take advantage of this … Continue Reading

The most Greek restaurant in Monaco

This is one of the addresses that pushed this summer as I told you on my back to school ticket: GAIA, the modern tavern to authentic Greek cuisine with a contemporary approach. Imagined by the culinary experts Chef Izu Ani and Chef Orestis, the GAIA’s menu is fueled by flavors and memories. Blending traditional flavors, … Continue Reading

My Top 3 truffle addresses

November, we are in the middle of the white truffle season! I love it and that’s also why I love this time of year! And if you do not have time to visit Alba, you can find it in the Principality directly on the plates. Chefs are delighted to please you with this precious diamond. … Continue Reading