The must see Boutique Hotel in MC

I rediscovered this hotel recently. I already loved it and its renovation sublimated the place. The Columbus Hotel! I remember I invited candidates when I was HR for a Family Office located in the perimeter. Their lounge was and is ideal for appointments, to work alone or to have a coffee. So I’m happy to … Continue Reading

Lebanon at the Hermitage Hotel !

You already know that I do everything neither by car or bus but walking and that is how I spotted the “Maison Noura” in the Hermitage hotel gardens. Of course, as a lover of Lebanese food, I proposed the idea of a girls dinner! We took place in the lounge section, ideal to experiment the … Continue Reading

Where can I find the best pizzas in Monaco?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t really have the time to prepare dinner…and often I suggest: “What if we get a pizza?” I always have a big YES coming as an answer! I already tried quite a few places as in Monaco Italian spots are not lacking! Of course, I have my … Continue Reading

3 good reasons to go to KOMO Monaco

Vous savez combien j’aime le quartier de la Condamine et combien il se transforme avec ses nouvelles boutiques, ses façades typiques du sud. Cela faisait quelques mois que le 18 de la rue de Millo était en travaux alors j’avais hate de voir le résultat ! et c’est chose faite ! KOMO MONACO a vu … Continue Reading