Today I am particularly proud to announce that our Blog’s photographer, Beatriz Moreno, exhibits her works to the Gallery M E T A from October 12th. It is a great opportunity to meet this talented artist and to better know her world and personality.

You already had a taste of Beatriz’s work throughout Blog’s articles but in this exhibition she reveals another aspect of her art. She tells us more:

Bea, how came to you the passion of photography? I have been drawing since the age of 4. At first, I attended an Art school to become a computer ‘s graphic artist and an illustrator. It was in this school that I began to study photography. At the end of my studies, my teacher told me something that remained to me: “Please Bea, never leave photography, you have a magnificent look”. He encouraged me to present a Architecture photography contest and I won the first prize. I then realized that photo would not leave me. But it was in 2006 during the Madrid International Photography festival, Photo Espana, by discovering the work of Luis Gonzales Palma, a photographer from Guatemala, that I had the click in me.

 How do you define yourself? Your style? I am a cheerful, positive, creative and very observant person. When I do a portrait, I have the ability to see the person’s soul and always capture his beauty. I draw inspiration from pictures of the XIXth Century with a particular rendering especially as William Henry Fox Talbot and Julia Margaret Cameron. I love the old development processes of this era. My personality in the photo is a bit surreal, rather black and white. I am very interested in the functioning of the unconscious while leaving aside any rationality. I let myself be guided. I also like the idea of making photography like a drawing. It is my illustrator’s side that stands out.

 How came to you the idea of this work with animals? I always liked the Nature and I photographed it a lot. I alos participated in a blog specializing in naturalist photography. It is a theme that has always attracted me. I can not really explain where the idea of animal’s head on human bodies came from. A work of the unconscious certainly. But after realizing them, I remembered that already young I was drawing animals with human bodies. Naturally. Is it a reminiscence?

This is the first time you exhibit in Monaco, what does the Principality represent for you? It’s a privilege! It is indeed a first time in Monaco! Monaco represents elegance, luxury and has a very international image. I know it does a lot for artists. I am very happy to present my work and especially in the Gallery META, a gallery oriented towards novelty and artists.

 Can you talk about your collaboration with Blog My Little Monaco ? My Little Monaco, I love it, I love it… When I first met Agathe, we immediately “connected”! I really liked the idea of this Blog which makes the Principality known through addresses, talents, events: the livestyle in Monaco. I knew Virginie Broquet was collaborating with her illustrations and I immediately offered to participate. It’s a great adventure!

Pour en savoir plus sur Beatriz Moreno, c’est ICI

A voir absolument !!!!! Must-see!!!!


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