It was during a workshop on the art of the table, at the time of Christmas and New Year holidays, that I met Liliane Rouach. Indeed, she came to present a table decoration 100% Manufacture of Monaco: unique, timeless, exclusive and elegant. It is her father who, more than forty years ago, created in Monaco this house of quality and taste dedicated to porcelain.

© Beatriz Moreno


Liliane went to school in the Principality and then went to a fashion school. She became a stylist: first in Monaco in the knitwear, then decided to go to London to perfect her English and prove herself in a trendy shop of French designers. In 1998, when her father set up the Manufacture de Monaco’s showroom in the Galerie du Métropole – our current Metropole Shopping Center – she return to the Principality and become head of the shop. Half of her time in the shop, the other half at the factory. Indeed, at the time everything was manufactured in Monaco until 2002. 

© Beatriz Moreno


As you understand, the Manufacture of Monaco is a family story. Liliane works with her brother who is dedicated to export and creation. It is the second generation to be patented supplier of SAS, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. A great recognition and a great reward when we know that it is never easy to sustain a family business

Liliane is very demanding: towards herself first, starting with a perpetual questioning of the collections, and towards her collaborators. It is for her is an indispensable quality to improve professionally.
© Beatriz Moreno


Liliane likes to go against the current: she has never followed fashion, finds creative and artistic houses. Like Coco Chanel, for her “fashion goes out of fashion, style never”. She likes to mix and makes unique a table decoration.

Her vision of the Manufacture de Monaco: stay in taste, creation, quality and exclusive service, elegance in the image of the Principality.

Her adage: “patience is a tree whose root is bitter and whose fruits are very sweet” (Persian proverb).

© Beatriz Moreno


In her shop, you will find the house porcelain creations and all the accessories of table art and interior decoration. It’s a little nugget! And for the undecided, the Liliane’s advice will avoid fashion faux pas and help you to remain unique. And that is priceless ! Moreover there is something for all prices!

She is now giving us her favorite addresses in the Principality.


© Beatriz Moreno


Your wellness address?
LILIANE: the Monte-Carlo Bay yoga classes

Your address “yum-yum” to land quietly and eat a tip in the sun?
LILIANE: the Blue Note

Your address for business lunches?
LILIANE: the Loga, boulevard des Moulins. They serve nice plates with smile and it can be fast if needed.

Your address “shoppi-shopping”?
LILIANE: the Metropole Shopping Center!

Your home address?
LILIANE: Garbarino Interior Design, after the boutique bien sur!

Your cultural address that is good for the eyes?
LILIANE: The Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Your address for drinking coffee?
LILIANE: the Patisserie Riviera

Your address to admire the view of Monaco?
LILIANE: the terrace of the Oceanographic Museum or the view of the Vista Palace on arrival in Monaco.

The hotel decor that you prefer?
LILIANE: the Hotel Metropole, for its warm and cozy atmosphere, classic and contemporary at the same time, that Jacques Garcia knows so well to restore.

A little getaway out of town?
LILIANE: crossing the Italian border to feel immediately on vacation, even for a few hours.

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