Time spent in Monaco: 2 days

Date : Next July 25th and 26th at Monaco Yacht Club’s harbor aboard the Catamaran Ice Lady Patagonia II.

A museum on a boat!

The latter (30 meters long, 13 meters wide, 2 masts and 6 sails) – belonging to the Association of Scientific Exploration Austral – left the Port of Buenos Aires 4 months ago with the aim of promoting the seas of southern Argentina and to raise public awareness of the need to preserve the marine environment.

On board, a guide will present the exhibition “Approaching the South Seas” by addressing the general concepts of Antarctic geography and fauna and the history of its conquest. You will also discover original objects found at the bottom of the seas, videos and photos of expeditions to the Isle of States and Tierra del Fuego and a lot of information about whale life. This exhibition was designed to divulge the actions that are carried out for the protection of these areas, places chosen by the Southern Right Whale for its reproduction.

This visit is free! Open to the public (especially for children between 7 and 13 years old). individually or in groups (max 30 people). A very good awareness of the respect and care of our planet in an exceptional place!

Save the date !

For more information: contact AMA (Association Monaco Argentina)

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