The kids are on vacation! The shops are full of orange decor and pumpkins! It smells like Halloween! For some years now, this pagan festival has been celebrated in the Principality. 2018 continues the tradition. I spotted some addresses for our little toddlers.

Everyone knows that Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, Eve of All Saints Day. But do you know his origin?


It is initially a Celtic Irish feast: the Celtic New Year! About 3000 years ago, the Celtic calendar did not end on December 31st, but on October 31st. And this last night of the year was the night of the god of death. Legend has it that ghosts took advantage of October nights to visit the living. So to prevent them from coming to haunt them, the Celts had some rituals including dressing up with terrifying costumes to scare the ghosts and get together to party on the evening of October 31st.


The Monaco City Council organizes two free events in collaboration with the Gaming Box:

-In Princess Antoinette Park: a big game called “The Monsters Academy” is scheduled from 14h to 17h in the alleys and under the olive trees of the park. Children up to 12 years old attending school in Monaco are invited to participate. The scary disguise is de rigueur!

-to the Exotic Garden of Monaco: it’s a first! From 18h, in the lower part and in the Cave of the Observatory, young people over 10 years are invited to live a new adventure.

As every year, the Starsn’Bars organizes a Halloween Party with entertainment and sodas at will from 18h to 21h.

Even the Cinema des Beaux Arts is on the page with Pool Chair 2: the ghosts of Halloween (released October 24) and Halloween (for over 12).

What a good program for the kids!

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