For these holidays season, I wanted to organize a Christmas meal with a recipe of a great Chef …. It is always more impressive for guests and it is very rewarding especially when it is successful. In the Principality, this is not what the famous chefs miss! But this one arrived a few months ago in one of the prestigious establishments of Monaco and his professional career is strewn with stars … Didier Aniès has just joined the Fairmont teams as Executive Chef of the kitchens.

Didier Aniès likes to work all the fresh and quality products that this rich region offers him throughout the year, especially vegetables. Since his early childhood, he has always lived in sharing. His most precious memory is when he participated in family meals and friends, all sitting around a large table, to experience real moments of exchange. Chef of full-time kitchens in famous palaces, Didier Aniès has enjoyed being a consultant and trainer in smaller restaurants around the world including many countries in Europe, but also in China, Japan, Vietnam , Iceland …

Today I am delighted to have been able to extract this recipe “special holidays” for the happiness of all: Sole, foie gras and ceps! I’m already salivating! A big thank-you !

I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas!

See you soon !




Foie grasCèpes fraîches



Jus de viande

Huile d’olive




600 gr4 x 45gr

12, taille moyenne


20 feuilles







-Lever les filets de sole et réserver au frais.

-Réaliser une fine brunoise de cèpes et suer dans une poêle avec de l’huile d’olive et du beurre.

-Parfumer avec des zestes d’orange et du basilic. Débarrasser et réserver.

-Rouler les filets de sole assaisonnés avec la brunoise de cèpes dans un film alimentaire et cuire au four vapeur pendant 12 minutes.

-Couper les cèpes en deux et les dorer à l’huile d’olive.

-Dresser harmonieusement les filets de sole, les cèpes, le foie-gras poêlé, les suprêmes d’orange, quelques feuilles de basilic et un trait de jus de viande.

Bon appétit !

FAIRMONT HOTEL-12, avenue des Spélugues-

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