Easter is fast approaching and I thought we were lucky in the Principality because we have a great choice of places where eggs are exceptional! Besides Easter chocolates are my favorite and rather than buying an abundance of industrial products, I reserve a tasting at local artisans. I did a tour of the Principality and I share my treasures with you.

Prince’s Tea :I already told you about it! The shop windows are superb! Everything is in detail and originality!                                                                               35, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte

Pâtisserie HelenaI lived nearby for a long time and it was my official supplier! A sure value!                             2, Boulevard d’Italie

Patisserie Riviera :a Russian starred chef- Chef Alex- is at the helm of this nugget and makes everything on site! His chocolates are finesse! To test absolutely! 27, boulevard des Moulins

Cova : Easter eggs Italian style, very delicate and very chic! 19, Boulevard des Moulins 

L’Epi d’Or : In the very authentic area of La Condamine,this address has been renovated recently and offers eggs more delicious than ever! 6, rue Grimaldi

After telling you these good addresses with chocolate flavors, I wish you a very happy Easter! “Good tasting!

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