I was curious to see the transformation of what had been “Coté Jardin” which I loved the terrace and the buffet lunch. I remember the last time I went there, it was for a “leaving meal” with a boss with whom I liked very much  work with … time when a few years later we know that we made the right decision to change way. But let’s go back to this place that has changed and that has nothing to do with the past!

ÔMER is the youngest of Alain Ducasse in the Principality. 

The place: it is located in the rotunda wing of the Hotel de Paris on the ground floor. Designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, it takes on the air of a boat with a generous use of wood, light leather and brushed bronze. At the heart of this space, the Wine Circle welcomes fans for an exceptional oenological experience. Around, the dining room unfolds in a rotunda. Outside, in a final arc, extends the lush garden designed by Jean Mus in which, in fine weather, customers settle under some arbours.

The plate: the card embeds the eater in a tasty journey around the Mediterranean with particular attention to discover the eastern shores, more unknown. Turkish dolmas, Lebanese falafels, Greek-marinated sardines: the sharing begins with the mezze, Levantine tradition par excellence. The ÔMER map is very vegetal. But it is a cuisine that also knows how to be festive, here with a spicy cockerel or a grilled veal on a spit, elsewhere with a grilled fish or some simply seasoned shells. In the same way, desserts give pride of place to fruits, fresh, candied or dried. I wanted to test the lunch formula – yes there is a few days a lunch package including coffee and half a bottle of water – and it was a delight! On the menu: 3 varieties of Mezzés – green asparagus, tapenade & parigiano, hummus, pomegranate and cumin- tortillitas sauce romesco- and a sea bream with potatoes condiment stockfisch. A delight. All accompanied by a rosé of Provence. For dessert, I participated in a fabulous French toast saffron version. In short, conquered! The perfect place to have fun or for a business lunch!

The price: breakfast average price 39 euros, lunch average price excluding drinks 50 euros and lunch formulas (55 euros and 42 euros), dinner average price excluding drinks 75 euros

ÔMER-Aile Rotonde, Place du Casino-+377 98 06 39 39 omer@sbm.mc

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