We often hear Italian  in Monaco …The community is very present and we love it ! The elegance, the good mood, the smell of coffee, the little accent …A whole lifestyle that is part of the Monegasque decor. Monaco would not be the same without them ! Moreover a few weeks ago, Milan moved to the Principality !
The iconic Milanese institution, Cova, opened a “café” at 19, boulevard des Moulins. I knew Cova for the “Panettones” and especially it is a must during my stays in Milan. The chic with the Milanese !  A leopard cannot change its spots!
It is the Venetian architect Paolo Lucchetta who imagine the decoration in Monaco respecting of course the color coded Cova and the warm side : seating in blue velvet, dark parquet, woodwork, light marble. I decided to go on Saturday with my friend Alex for the tea-time. A delight ! A lot of people !
Cova Monte-Carlo offers high quality products, ranging from daily crafts to traditional Milanese specialties. On the terrace or inside, at COVA, we go there to share a moment, an atmosphere, a welcome to the old. it’s an enchanting tasting ! After the tea-Time, I can’t wait for an Italian aperitif there !
19, Bd des Moulins
Tel : +377.

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