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On this Candlemas day, it’s a good opportunity for me to talk about pancakes (which I love) and more particularly about the traditional Crêpe Suzette whose recipe was born in the Principalityon Monaco’s most famous square, Place du Casino, in the iconicCafé de Paris !

A pancake, Grand Marnier, a match …

For the little story :

One day in January 1896, when the Prince of Wales was having lunch at the Café de Paris, the young pastry chef Charpentier was preparing pancakes with liqueur under his eyes when the contents of his pan started to ignite unintentionally. The Prince of Wales was seduced by this show and asked him what his name was. It is surprising and spontaneous that the young Charpentier confessed that the recipe was invented for the occasion and then proposed that we call these pancakes “princess crêpes”. The Prince of Wales, in an impulse of gallantry, rather suggested that they be called after the name of the pretty lady with whom he shared his meal. She called herself … Suzette. And the myth was born.

Not bad is not it ?

I remember the first time I tasted them at the Café de Paris … a bliss … the ritual of blazing … it was just magic! Until March 30 they are à la carte every night!

Meanwhile, the Chef of the Café de Paris reveals his recipe: it’s HERE

Good candlemas to all!

ce jour de la Chandeleur, c’est pour moi une bonne occasion de vous parler de crêpes (que j’adore) et plus particulièrement de la traditionnelle Crêpe Suzette dont la recette a vu le jour en Principauté

Café de Paris
Place du Casino



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