Janet Xanthopoulos BY BEATRIZ MORENO


Because we are in the Yacht Show period, it is a good opportunity to tell you about Janet. I must admit that I heard about Janet a long time ago by a person who is very dear to her and one day, or more exactly one evening, she came across me among thousands of guests. It seemed obvious to me to tell you more about her personality, her career in yachting sector and her life in the Principality.
Janet Xanthopoulos BY BEATRIZ MORENO
Janet comes from a Greek family and grew up between many travels and Monaco. It was on the ‘Rocher’ that she started on the benches of the school. Time when water and sea were already her elements : the practice of sailing and rowing. Life brought her to Greece to take and get her Bachelor and then she chose the delightful student city of Aix-en-Provence to put down her ‘university suitcases’. She got two Masters : one in International & European law and the other in maritime law.
In view of her excellent results, it is quite naturally in Monaco that she found her first job. She was introduced to somebody who rapidly promoted her into the world of yachting. She made her start in Luxembourg to learn about the ‘back office’ and very quickly she was given the autonomy which allowed her to enhance her professional skills at the rate of knots. janet learns quickly and even very quickly.
Janet is a young woman, sparkling, polyglot, smiling with a good mood voice. According to her,
“Everything is possible”.
She is passionate about yachting and a workaholic, even today that she is pregnant of her first child.
She developed the maritime department within the Rosemont Group. Her role : to advise shipowners on “how to buy, structure, finance, register, insure, and manage their vessels on a daily basis’. For this, she leads a team of 8 people. She is in charge of Rosemont Yacht Services & Rosemont Yacht Management.
With her quick-wittedness, Janet likes when things are moving. It is in the world where precisely nothing is fixed and where everything has to be reinvented that gives her a sense of fulfillment.  She is also a lecturer ! Indeed, in a sector where everything moves rapidly, she is more than ever proactive. Her legal watch and her intellectual capital lead her to hold conferences in Singapore, Miami, Barcelona regarding the legal and tax advances in yachting matters.
She is delighted with this new Edition of the Yacht Show, the most prestigious in the world !
She was kind enough to tell us more about her habits and her favorite addresses in Monaco.
Thank you Janet !

σας ευχαριστώ Janet !



Where do you go when you have to organize a business lunch?
JANET :  I love going to Maya Bay if I want a cosy atmosphere, a bit of exotism and a bit of more time in front of me. It is a place of good vibes. I love their frangrance atmosphere. If I have less time and close to my office, I like to go to Avenue 31. The Tagliata is a treat. The Yacht Club of Monaco is also a place of choice especially for appointments purely ‘yachting’.
Which is your favorite interior design hotel ?
JANET :  I love the Monte Carlo Bay. It feels right away wether it’s for a tea, a drink in the evening, to enjoy the lagoons, to bask in the spa. In a completely different way, I also like the Hotel de Paris and the Hotel Hermitage. There are two hotels full of history, emotions and true institutions within the Principality. I think of my dad every time I go to the Hotel de Paris and touch the golden leg of the famous horse at the entrance, as when I was little child. Besides, you must make a vow! Some habits resist time!
Where are you going to have a drink with a friend ?
JANET : At the 3 Tapas. It’s my latin side that speaks. Good wines, delicious tapas, warm atmosphere, you would think you are in Barcelona. Yepa! 
What is the place in Monaco where you feel like at home ?
JANET :  For a ‘yachty girl’ like me, I say the Yacht Club. You can spend all day swimming, sporting, having drink with friends, lounging in the library, attending a cocktail, doing business… and it must be said that the setting is simply Magic.
What is the Monaco’s best view you prefer?
JANET : Without question the view of the Port from the Rock. I also have an image of Monaco that I particularly like: the Casino and its old gardens. Every time I went on holiday and came through the exotic garden, I would say ‘at last’ at home as soon as I saw the gardens. I miss this sight… The Pavillons are not the same.
A break out of the city ?
JANET : We live in a wonderful area: sea, countryside, small hillyop villages, mountain, Italy… There are so many possibilities. Lately my escapades were more on the sport side: kite surfing in the Var.

What is the place where you like to relax?

JANET :  Without hesitation in the magic hands of Malvina at the Cinq Mondes Spa of Monte Carlo Bay hotel. Just ‘Whaa’.

When you want to have an organic lunch or organic dinner ? 
JANET : It lacks a real organic restaurant that also cooks gluten free. Avenue 31, Bouchon, Mozza and the Stars have some dishes.
An event that you would not miss for anything at all ?
JANET : Le Monaco Yacht Show ! The Monaco Yacht Show! I love the madness and excitement surrounding this major event in the Yachting world.


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