It has been several months since I met Emmanuelle De Baecke. I remember a little bit of very spontaneous woman, smiling and kind. That’s what I liked about her, this accessible and direct side. Emmanuelle is the founder of the magazine d’art & de culture, the only cultural magazine in Monaco. And this new issue is celebrating its 10 years !!!!! I let you imagine her knowledge… For that matter, I wanted to know more about her career.

Her childhood and studies
During childhood Emmanuelle moved a lot with her parents, but it was mainly in Paris and Lille that she lived the longest before setting on the Cote d’Azur. With a diploma in communication and advertising in her pocket, she began her professional life as a designer/editor. To complete her education, she went to the Beaux Art option Multi Media in Tourcoing. She became a regional correspondent specializing in culture for one of the first art internet sites -launched in Beaubourg in 2000- for the section “Tours and detours of contemporary art”. Besides her studies, Emmanuelle is passionate about dance, cinema, and theatre : she writes her first play at 8 years old. Very soon immersed in this world of culture, she naturally makes it her area of expertise.


Her first steps in Monaco
It was in 2002 that she made a first cultural piecework rates for the Gazette de Monaco. Then as a editor in the Media & Events (Sea Side, ASM, Magazine de la Mairie) and finally editor-in-chief of Monte-Carlo actuel, a news magazine.
Creation of d’art & de culture, the cultural magazine of Monaco
While roaming the principality for six years, she had the idea to create a cultural magazine in Monaco. She first presented a model to different institutions and sponsors and thanks to its tenacity and versatility, she succeeded her bet. On the program of d’art & de culture : exhibitions, music, photos, opera, theater, cinema, live arts and plastic arts. All what will happen in Monaco in the season. It’s quarterly. Free. Bilingual… She is the project manager. Emmanuelle wished a magazine accessible to the general public, able to satisfy also the intellectual curiosity of contemporary art, music and other art lovers from all walks of life. And it’s been 10 years that lasts ! A great success !! A treasure for the Principality !!
Happy Birthday !!!
To learn more about d’art & de culture, its HERE.
Emmanuelle is delighted to reveal her favorite addresses in Monaco !




Your Well-being address?  EMMANUELLE :Body Shop Monaco  in the Galerie du Metropole -for the anecdote I met Gad Elmaleh and Charlotte Casiraghi the day before the birth.

Your “foodie” address to relax with the sun ? EMMANUELLE : le Yacht Club de Monaco, (because there is always sun there) : the Monaco Yacht Club, facing the yachts, or upstairs by the pool.

 Your “meditation” address before an interview? EMMANUELLE : The garden of Villa Paloma/NMNM with stunning bird’s-eye view, pretty plants and sometimes artist facilities.

 Your shopping address? EMMANUELLE : (pas super glamour mais ingénieuse en temps de crise)ZARA pendant les soldes parce qu’il y a beaucoup moins de monde et que c’est très sympa de faire les soldes sans faire la queue pour essayer.(Not super glamorous but ingenious in crisis time) ZARA during the sales because there is much less people and it’s vey nice to do sales without waiting in line to try.

Your culture address which is good for the eyes? EMMANUELLE : l’Opéra de Monte-Carlo, signé Charles Garnier, avec une programmation toujours au top-émotion incomparable et il faut absolument visiter les lieux d’aisance en bas à gauche en sortant de la salle. The Opera de Monte-Carlo, signed Charles Garnier, with a program always incomparable top-emotion and must absolutely visit the toilet downstair on the left.

Your culture address in a magic place? EMMANUELLE : la saison de spectacles du Fort Antoine dans la ville, choisis par la Direction des Affaires Culturelles, l’été, tous les lundis soirs, dans le cadre du théâtre éponyme, avec le ciel et la mer comme décor naturel. The shows season of Fort Antoine, chosen by the Directorate of Cultural affairs, every monday night during summer, with the sky and the sea as a natural setting for this theater.

 Your “chic but not to much” foodie address? EMMANUELLE :  The Lemon bar at the Hermitage Hotel to impress her guest without breaking the bank with a guaranteed wow effect.

 Your adress to sunbathe before a press conference? EMMANUELLE : The garden of La Petite Afrique, in Monaco Center, to discover funny species of aquatic or terrestrial birds.

Ton adresse “fêtes de fin d’année” ? EMMANUELLE : On the port of Monaco for the Christmas Market and attractions for children-mansions & co- for a family and festive atmosphere as it should be.

Ton adresse “du soir pour un verre entre ami(e)s ? EMMANUELLE : Mc Carthy’s, a little bit besides, wood, heat and numerous beer mats.


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