It has just announced it : La Petite Ecole settles on the Port of Monaco, Quai Antoine Ier and we are looking forward discovering it. I have been lucky to have a look on the plans and it will be just magic !

There will be a library space, a parents-teachers lounge, very large classrooms and a garden designed to take advantage of this exceptional location. All 100% natural and organic. The school is surrounded by experts in education and Montessori pedagogy to use their experiences and skills to serve children and their parents.For more informations about the advisory board, it’s HERE

It is an education based on respect for the child’s personality. The child can express his individuality and reveal his potentials. He is given the means to develop the best of himself while respecting his nature. He acquires an early autonomy and confidence in him. La Petite Ecole strives to stimulate learning, encourage excellence, develop skills and transmit the love of learning, all in a caring environment.
Just few days ago, a new edition of “the Child” the reference text of Maria MOntessori, is published and clearly states the principles of his pedagogy.
La Petite Ecole is bilingual French-English. From 18 months to 6 years old.

4, Quai Antoine I


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