I already had the opportunity to taste cigars at the end of dinners but I never really followed up. I was rather captivated by the ritual during which all eyes are riveted on these rolled tobacco leaves, the hands caress the cape, and the truffle of experts in its fragrance. The cigar is a luxury product, like the Principality. Increasingly demanded, it is the object of connoisseurs whose requirement continues to grow. So naturally I wondered where I could find it in Monaco.

It’s Lolo, a friend whose husband is a cigar fan who introduced me to Magalie, the director of the reference cigar cellar in the Principality and France. She first introduced me to her kingdom, the DAVIDOFF tobacco: more than 150 cigars referenced including of course all cigars Davidoff (of which she represents the brand) but also the best of Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Cuba! they are all kept at a temperature of 19 ° with a humidity of 70%, the secret of good conservation. There are cigars at all prices: from less than 5 euros to 500 euros, “oro bianco” a limited edition Davidoff. There are also all accessories around the cigar: cellar, cigar cutter, case, lighter, …

Magalie then invited me to the Rampoldi, a must in Monaco and the only restaurant in the Principality with a smoking room. Since its renovation the place has been transformed and offers the members of its Cigar Club the possibility of private cigar garages! The must ! The Place to be to savor them!

And finally, for cigar lovers, the Monaco Epicure Club organizes a dinner every month during which a new cigar is tasted, an opportunity to interact with peers and discover new mixtures.

Tabac DAVIDOFF– Metropole Shopping Center-17, avenue des Spélugues- +377.

RAMPOLDI-3, avenue des Spélugues-+377.

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