I love books. I buy a lot. I always have had periods where I read a lot and others not at all. New or old books, biographies, …. Many books on Education since I have my children. I always have a pile on my bedside table. I generally have great admiration for all authors! What creativity sometimes! What a job especially!

It is also with great enthusiasm that the Book Fair of Monaco is going to be hosted on March 2 and 3 at the Exhibition Hall, Quai Antoine 1er, programming more than 100 authors!

This 8th edition will bring together a great diversity of literary style. Honorary guests will be present : Frédéric SALDMANN,  Patrick POIVRE d’ARVOR,  Christophe BARBIER, Laurent SEKSIK,   Eric NAULLEAU, Stéphane GUILLON, Christelle CROSNIER,  Anne RICHARD, Fabien LECOEUVRE, Mylène DEMONGEOT, Emmanuel PIERRAT, Corinne ROEHRIG-SAOUDI, Isabelle SEZIONALE, Laurence VIVARES, Georges VIGARELLO, Gilles CHARPENTIER…

Among all these talents, Marion de Sacrée Charlotte kindly blew me in a message full of praise, the name of Thierry Vilette, author of the book “Des bonbon pour l’âme”, (Candy for the soul). His book is the story of a smuggler who takes you by the hand and especially by the heart to lead you to the best of yourself. “Happiness as much as hardship is our guide.” It does not matter if the Path sometimes seems a little harsh or unfair, we have in us all the sweets that will soften It, some are wrapped in golden paper, others seem a bit sticky, but from the moment we accept to remove the packaging, whatever our age, we grow up again and again … “.

I am interested for a long time in personal development because I really believe that it is a way to better know and to bring up the best of oneself. What I loved about Thierry Vilette is above all his professional career and particularly his reconversion. He went from kitchens to integrative therapy. He made his passion a business. He obtained the different degrees of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho and mastered the method of natural Harmonization Reiki. He accumulates diplomas and certificates: in naturopathy, foot reflexology, traditional oriental massage, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and soon Ericksonian Hypnosis. In parallel his retreats and meetings with great masters further enrich his career. After benefitting from the lessons of his peers, he now provides his own knowledge through seminars and conferences. In public, in schools, places of care, companies, etc. He knew how to take another path. A good example to follow!

I could not finish this post without mentioning the Monaco Media Library (Médiathèque de Monaco) which offers an extraordinary number of books where everyone finds happiness!

Go for a book! All in your diary! March 2 and 3, 2019

Salle d’expositions, 4 Quai Antoine 1er- www.salondulivredemonaco.com

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