I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t really have the time to prepare dinner…and often I suggest: “What if we get a pizza?” I always have a big YES coming as an answer! I already tried quite a few places as in Monaco Italian spots are not lacking! Of course, I have my routine and my card holder in the kitchen is the treasure of all my addresses a kind of “dinner lifebuoy”. The amazing thing is that my favourite informer, Louhana, told me about a website that put pizzas in pol position based on quality and advising on which places pizzas are the best. The website is called Pizzavisor!

The concept: It’s the French school of pizzaiolo that wished to implement the label of quality pizza. This label will be assigned to reward high quality pizzas based on a certain quality chart.

The quality chart: #The insurance to have 100% chees either emmental or cantal #The security to have the mozzarella of bufala #The warranty of having 100% of pure tomatoes sauce #100% Olive oil bring taste and smoothness #The high quality flour bring at the same time some crunchiness and some softness #100% vegetables and fruits who bring the well-made and freshness to a high-quality pizza #A welcoming staff always listening to the necessities of clients #but also make the impasto on site / dough is handmade shaped / care about the final pizza presentation on the plate.

So, I have checked by looking in the Monaco area and here it is, the list of places that have been certified!

–Itagliani :25 Boulevard Albert Ier (on-site and takeaway)  

–Nonna Maria :3 Avenue Saint Laurent (on-site)

–Le Comptoir: Marché de la Condamine-Place d’armes (on-site and takeaway)

–Cooks :10 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte (on-site and takeaway)

I perfectly agree with this selection as I already tested each of these addresses! They are some safe ones!


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