I love lemons by the way it’s with their juice that I start my day in a little hot water, it’s the perfect potion to wake up body. We are lucky to be able to pick them locally! Consume locally, consume responsibly! Before it was my grandmother my official supplier, she had her garden full of it and now it is at the market among small producers. In February, we celebrate lemons in Menton and it is in this context that Tavolo, Hotel Columbus restaurant wished to make a nod to this citrus fruit by dedicating a dessert to it throughout the month of February: lemon tiramisu (9 EURO). The Bar, meanwhile, has specially created a delicious lemon and speculos cocktail and a rather fresh and fruity lemon cocktail.

To be enjoyed without moderation until February 29!

Columbus Monte-Carlo, 23 Avenue des Papalins, +377.

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